IOER Annual Conference 2022

Space & Transformation: Liveable Futures

21-23 September 2022 at Deutsches Hygiene-Museum Dresden, Germany


Three formats are available for proposing your own contributions. These formats allow you to contribute individually or as a team with your collaborators, and offer a variety of interaction forms at the conference:


Presentation (individual):

Participants are invited to submit abstracts that are intended for publication in scientific journals. These will be presented in a presentation format. The focus is on professional exchange and discussion with the audience.

Speed Talk (individual):

Participants may submit abstracts for speed talks to present new project ideas, research approaches, and qualification work in a concise short talk. The focus is on the subsequent discussion with the audience.

Presentation – Summer School (individual, for PhD students only):

Interested PhD students are welcome to submit abstracts for a presentation at the Summer School of the Dresden Leibniz Graduate School (DLGS) (21 September 2022). Registration for the Summer School at a later stage will only be possible for Phd students, if their abstractc have been accepted.

Dialogue Sessions (collective):

Participants may submit poposals to organize a whole session. The organizers of the session plan a 60-minute format and are free to choose the content and methodology; interactive formats are prefered.