IOER Annual Conference 2022

Space & Transformation: Liveable Futures

21-23 September 2022 at Deutsches Hygiene-Museum Dresden, Germany

Program 2021

Tuesday | 21.09.2021
9:00 - 18:00
Joint workshop of the German Future Cities and the partners of the Reallabor Network        
Wednesday | 22.09.2021
9:00 - 18:00
Autumn School of the Dresden Leibniz Graduate School
Wednesday | 22.09.2021
19:00 - 21:00
"Back or Future? How we want to live in Dresden" - A series of events as part of the "Future City 2030+" project of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) on Wednesday 22.09.21 from 7 to 9 p.m. on the evening before the annual conference. (pre-event of the annual conference, free participation for conference guests)
Thursday & Friday
23.09.2021& 24.9.2021
IOER Annual Conference
Detailed information on the schedule and individual sessions

Workshops "With head, heart and hand"

Guided tour of autumn herbs with Tom

Discover the "Großer Garten" - the green centre of Dresden - on the way to the Carolaschlösschen. Along the way you will find some wild plants that have been used in cooking and for personal health for centuries. Discover the variety that is still available now in autumn and learn why autumn is the optimal time to harvest wild plants. Walking distance: approx. 2.5 km, normal comfortable footwear and weather appropriate clothing. Possible for people with walking difficulties.

Guide: Tom Zschaage (herbal guide, phytotherapist)

Discover your city in a new way with meinGrün.

We invite you to discover urban green space in a new way. With the help of the meinGrün app, we go on a walk together, following clues like a treasure hunt to find the way to our destination.

This will lead us to actively perceive the city and its green spaces from a different perspective - a new look at old familiar facts!

Participants in the tour need a charged smartphone with mobile data. The browser-based app can be found at: You are welcome to explore it in advance. In addition, attention should be paid to weather-appropriate clothing and light luggage.

Speaker: Kristin Fiedler, Robert Hecht (IÖR - meinGruen)

Measuring artificial light

In September 2021, Dresden will be part of a Germany-wide measuring campaign: An app co-designed by citizen scientists will be used to count light sources in public streets.

In the workshop, we will provide an overview of the project's co-design process. As we pass different light sources in the park Großer Garten, we will discuss the value of darkness and the ecological impacts of artificial light.

If you bring a smartphone, you can participate in the Dresden ‘nightlights’ campaign once it is dark.

Speakers: Teammembers of Nachtlicht-BüHNE (GFZ Potsdam)

Sauerkraut - Fermenting and preserving food

Fermentation is becoming more and more popular, for preserving, because it becomes delicious and offers a great way to refine your own harvest. In this workshop we will explore how exactly it works, what the principles of fermentation are and what actually happens microbiologically.

In keeping with the season, we will focus on the ingredients available at the moment: We will try our hand at different herb variations and venture into Korean Kim-Chi.

Speaker: Sebastian Kaiser (UFER-Projekte Dresden e.V.)


Wednesday | 22.09.2021




Pre-event at "Back or Future? How we want to live in Dresden" within the "Future City 2030+" project of the BMBF

Thursday | 23.09.2021


Corona Check-in & Registration


Opening Day 1
Marc Wolfram & Markus Egermann (IÖR)

Musical Intervention



Marc Wolfram
Can „planning“ turn the tide?
On spatial leverage for sustainability transformations

Bernhard Truffer
Challenges of regional infrastructure transitions: the case of urban water management




Lunch break




Presentation of the workshops themes


Parallel Workshops under the slogan "With head, heart and hand"

from 19:00

Evening event at Carolaschlösschen

Friday | 24.09.2021


Corona Check-in & Registration


Opening Day 2
Andreas Otto (IÖR)

Musical Intervention


Antje Bruns
Just Transformation beyond Sustainability Fixes – Practices, Agency and Knowledge

Jessica Hemingway
Urban Environmental Acupuncture (UEA): An innovative and collaborative strategy to generate small scale green space




Lunch break


Parallel sessions E1-E5


Musical Intervention

Conclusion Plenum

Matchmaking for networking and new cooperations.


End of the IOER Annual Conference 2021